Bluegrass : la musique de l'Ouest americain

Various artists

Label:Sunset 141062
Release Date:2000

Song Information:

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1. Dueling banjosArizona Smoke Revue
2. Black mountain ragArizona Smoke Revue
3. Shady groveBlackwater Boys
4. Columbus, GeorgiaArizona Smoke Revue
5. Blue moon of KentuckyBlackwater Boys
6. Earl's breakdownArizona Smoke Revue
7. Old rebelArizona Smoke Revue
8. Orange Blossom SpecialArizona Smoke Revue
9. Reuben's trainArizona Smoke Revue
10. Grandfather's clockArizona Smoke Revue
11. BlackbirdArizona Smoke Revue
12. Mule skinner bluesBlackwater Boys
13. Battle of New OrleansArizona Smoke Revue
14. The banks of the OhioArizona Smoke Revue
15. My Dixie darlingBlackwater Boys
16. Old groundhogArizona Smoke Revue
17. Some of Shelly's bluesBlackwater Boys
18. Will the circle be unbrokenBlackwater Boys