Johnnie & Jack with Kitty Wells at KWKH

Johnnie & Jack

Label:Bear Family BCD 15808
Release Date:1994
BG Unlimited:1996-03

Song Information:

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19. It's raining on the mountain
18. He will set your fields on fire
17. Love or hateKitty Wells
16. Little cabin home on the hill
15. Cotton-eyed Joe
Instruments:Paul Warren-f
14. Mississippi sawyer
Instruments:Paul Warren-f
13. I saw the light
12. No letter in the mail today
11. Death of little Kathy FiscusKitty Wells
10. Cheatam County breakdown
9. This world can't stand
8. My bucket's got a hole in it
7. I heard my mother weeping
6. Wake up, Susan
Instruments:Paul Warren-f
5. Sweeping through the gate
4. The singing waterfallKitty Wells
3. White dove
2. Orange Blossom Special
1. Raining on the mountain