Smiley Bates & Eddie Poirier

Label:Condor 20-002
Release Date:1981

Song Information:

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A-1. Grandfather's clock
A-2. Boil that cabbage down
A-3. Old Joe Clark
A-4. Thinking tonight of my blue eyes
A-5. Foggy mountain breakdown
A-6. Cripple Creek
A-7. Shamrock
A-8. Red River Valley
A-9. Turkey Hill twist
A-10. Buffalo gals
A-11. Camp Town Races
A-12. Good ole mountain dew
B-1. Flint Hill special
B-2. Ruban train
B-3. Cumberland Gap
B-4. Home sweet home
B-5. Old Joe Clark
B-6. Bugle call rag
B-7. Cripple Creek
B-8. Grandfather's clock
B-9. Shuckin' the corn
B-10. Bells of St. Mary's
B-11. Little Maggie
B-12. Flop eared mule