Keep on going : the Rebel & Melodeon recordings

Red Allen

Label:Rebel REB 1127
Release Date:2004-05-18
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2004-06
County Sales:#266
   Amazon ASIN: B00022FWXQ
   Google Play: Buzag636kzwu6fbxkn2ga3xeti4

Song Information:

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1. Don't lie to me2:34
2. Lonesome weary heart2:38
3. Sad & lonesome day2:49
4. I don't believe you'd do me wrong1:48
5. Little birdie2:35
6. Faded memory2:08
7. Froggy went a-courtin'2:09
8. Sad and lonesome day2:56
9. Journey's end3:18
10. Those "gone & left me" blues2:12
11. No blind ones there2:56
12. The family who prays2:58
13. If that's the way you feel2:30
14. Worry my life away2:10
15. Down where the river bends3:27
16. Hello city limits2:40
17. Out on the ocean2:29
18. I don't know why1:58
19. Plant some flowers by my graveside2:36
20. Close by2:52
21. Froggy went a-courtin'2:00
22. Purple heart3:18
23. Keep on going2:30