Soldier's joy : a Civil War odyssey inspired by Cold Mountain

Various artists

Label:CMH CD 8820
Release Date:2004-03-30
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2004-05

Song Information:

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25. Angel bandCarl Story
24. Battle hymn of the republicRhonda Renee
23. LorenaDon Ange
22. Listen to the mockingbirdPaul Warren
21. Maryland, my MarylandDick & Jacquie Schuyler
20. Yellow rose of TexasTommy Faile
19. My pretty quadroonGrandpa Jones
18. Faded coat of blueLaura Weber
17. Write a letter to my motherLeroy Troy
16. The girl I left behind meJim & Jesse and the Virginia Boys
15. Marching through GeorgiaHoot Hester & Sam Levine
14. Go down MosesEddie Adcock Band
13. Darling Nellie GrayJohnny Gimble
12. Goober peasArthur Smith
11. DixieArthur Smith & Benny Martin
10. Aura LeeSimon & Verity Grace
9. Devil's dreamJoe Maphis & Fiddlin' Red Herron
8. Grandfather's clockGrandpa Jones
7. Two little boysSimon & Verity Grace
6. Give the fiddler a dramMerle Travis & Red Herron
5. When Johnny comes marching homeSimon & Verity Grace
4. Cumberland GapLeroy Troy
3. Soldier's joyBuddy Spicher
2. Brother GreenLeroy Troy
1. Home sweet homeBenny Martin