Flatpicking 2003

Various artists

Label:Flatpicking Guitar Magazine FGM 113
Release Date:2003
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Lonesome fiddle bluesCody Kilby & Tim May
2. Sentenced to life with the bluesAndy Falco
3. FA swingJohn Jorgenson
4. Rider on an endless lineTim Stafford
5. Cynthia's danceCurtis Jones
6. I wishGeoffrey Rutledge
7. Queensberry AvenueThe Stanley Brothers
8. I'm not gonna let my blues bring me downBrad Davis & John Rand
9. Kool kitchJohn Carlini
10. CascadeRoberto Dalla Vecchia
11. Gonna lay down my old guitarSteve Kilby & Doug Rorrer
12. Tennessee waltzDavid Grier, Kenny Smith & Wyatt Rice
13. I'll love nobody but youBruce & Nunally
14. A minor infractionTim Stafford, Jim Hurst & Bryan Sutton
15. Django & AlCurtis Jones & Bryan Sutton
16. Good King WenceslausJohn Carlini