Live at the Cellar Door

The Seldom Scene

Label:Rebel REB-CD 1547-48
Release Date:1991
Country:United States
   Amazon ASIN: B00000023A
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Song Information:

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1. Doing my time5:19
Composer:Jimmie Skinner
2. California cottonfields2:53
Composer:D. Frazier-E. Montgomery
3. Band intros
4. Panhandle country1:59
Composer:Bill Monroe
5. Muddy waters3:07
Composer:Phil Rosenthal
6. Rawhide2:27
Composer:Bill Monroe
7. Baby blue3:29
Composer:Bob Dylan
8. City of New Orleans2:48
Composer:Steve Goodman
9. Grandfather's clock3:34
10. The fields have turned brown3:03
Composer:Carter Stanley
11. Hit parade of love2:46
Composer:Jimmie Martin
12. Will the circle be unbroken3:10
13. Pickaway2:25
14. Dark hollow2:02
15. Small exception of me2:48
Composer:T. Hatch-J. Trent
16. If I were a carpenter2:35
Composer:Tim Hardin
17. Old gray bonnet2:12
18. C & O Canal2:42
Composer:John Starling
19. Georgia rose2:46
Composer:Bill Monroe
20. Colorado turnaround2:25
Composer:E.B. Graves
21. He rose all the way to Texas2:25
Composer:John Starling
22. White line3:08
Composer:Willie P. Bennett
23. Rider6:50