The Vanguard years

Doc Watson

Label:Vanguard VCD 155-158
Release Date:1995
Country:United States
Barcode:015707005524 ID: 4161927
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Song Information:

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A-1. Rambling hobo
A-2. Train that carried my girl from town
A-3. The coo coo
A-4. Reuben's train
A-5. Hick's farewell
A-6. Grandfather's clock
A-7. Beaumont rag
A-8. Farewell blues
A-9. Footprints in the snow
A-10. Intoxicated rat
A-11. Talk about suffering
A-12. Omie Wise
A-13. Country blues
A-14. Black Mountain rag
A-15. Doc's guitar
A-16. Deep river blues
B-1. Muskrat
B-2. Dream of the miner's child
B-3. Rising sun blues
B-4. Otto Wood the bandit
B-5. Little Sadie
B-6. Windy and warm
B-7. Tennessee stud
B-8. Blue railroad train
B-9. Down in the valley to pray
B-10. Dill pickle rag
B-11. The F.F.V.
B-12. Childhood play
B-13. Streamline Cannonball
B-14. Old camp meeting time
B-15. I'm thinking tonight of my blue eyes
B-16. The girl in the blue velvet band
C-1. New River train
C-2. Rank stranger
C-3. Corrina, Corrina
C-4. What does the deep sea say
C-5. There's more pretty girls than one
C-6. Way downtown
C-7. Brown's Ferry blues
C-8. Spike driver blues
C-9. Roll on buddy
C-10. I am a pilgrim
C-11. Wabash Cannonball
C-12. Roll in my sweet baby's arms
C-13. The Lawson Family murder
C-14. The cuckoo
C-15. Alabama bound
D-1. Bye bye bluebells
D-2. Kinfolks in Carolina
D-3. San Antonio rose
D-4. Blow your whistle freight train
D-5. Cannonball rag
D-6. I am a pilgrim
D-7. Arrangement blues
D-8. I got a pig at home in the pen
D-9. My rough and rowdy ways
D-10. Deep river blues
D-11. Banks of the Ohio
D-12. A-roving on a winter's night
D-13. Southbound
D-14. Memphis blues
D-15. Bill Cheatham
D-15. Salt Creek
D-16. Brown's Ferry blues
D-17. Windy and warm