Silk City

Barry Mitterhoff

Label:Flying Fish FF 70472
Release Date:1992
Country:United States
Barcode:018964047221 ID: 6549238
   Amazon ASIN: B000000MMQ

Song Information:

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1. Silk City5:01
Composer:B. Mitteroff
2. Tall timber3:06
Composer:Bill Monroe
3. Denephew's delight4:59
Composer:B. Mitteroff
4. Polkas3:39
5. Asphodel celebrates the light1:34
Composer:B. Mitteroff
6. Dvorak5:58
7. Hell's bells3:28
Composer:B. Mitteroff
8. Intermezzo for string trio4:52
Composer:Zoltan Kadaly
9. The Blue volare
Composer:B. Mitteroff
9. Fiddletune medley6:08
9. The Great Falls
Composer:Tony Trishka
10. The Wind that walks3:50
Composer:B. Mitteroff
11. Wizard of Oz medley7:10
Composer:E.Y. Harburg-Harold Arlen