Bill Monroe : Country Music Hall of Fame

Bill Monroe & his Blue Grass Boys

Label:MCA MCAD 10082
Release Date:1991
Country:United States
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Song Information:

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1. New mule skinner blues2:29
2. Uncle Pen2:44
Composer:Bill Monroe
3. Walking in Jerusalem1:59
Recording Date:1952-07-18
Composer:Bill Monroe
Place:Castle Studio, Tulane Hotel, Nashville, TN
Master:2783 / 83132
Instruments:Bill Monroe-m; Jimmy Martin-g; Charlie Cline-f; Ernie Newton-bs
Vocals:B. Monroe-LV/TC/ J. Martin-TC; C. Cline-B; B. Bryant-GS
4. On and on2:46
5. White House blues2:12
Recording Date:1954-01-25
Composer:Wilbur Jones
Place:possibly Bradley Studio, Nashville, TN
Master:3208 / 85736
Instruments:Bill Monroe-m; Jimmy Martin-g; Grady Martin-g; Rudy Lyle-bj; Charlie Cline-f; Ernie Newton-bs
Vocals:B. Monroe-L
6. Happy on my way2:09
7. Blue moon of Kentucky2:07
8. Scotland1:53
9. Midnight on the stormy deep3:42
10. Kentucky mandolin3:03
11. Walk softly on this heart of mine2:33
Recording Date:1969-10-28
Composer:Jake Landers-Bill Monroe
Place:Bradley's Barn, Mt. Juliet, TN
Master:15821 / 122181
Instruments:Bill Monroe-m; James Monroe-g; Rual Yarbrough-bj; Kenny Baker-f; Red Hayes-f; Bill Yates-bs
Vocals:B. Monroe-LV/TC; J. Monroe-LC; R. Yarbrough-B
12. The Lee weddin' tune1:54
13. Kentucky waltz3:03
14. My last days on Earth4:36
15. My sweet blue eyed darlin'2:52
Vocals:Ricky Skaggs-V
16. Southern flavor3:17