Essential bluegrass gospel

Lester Flatt & the Nashville Grass

Label:CMH CD 6298
Release Date:2004-07-13
Country:United States
County Sales:#272

Song Information:

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17. Thinking of you
16. He took your place3:25
15. Palms of victory2:04
14. I'll fly away2:37
13. Tramp on the street3:47
12. Wicked man2:49
11. The unclouded day2:47
10. Back to the cross2:51
9. There's gonna be singing2:04
8. The night daddy passed away2:39
7. Will the circle be unbroken3:26
6. Little brown church2:56
5. What would you give in exchange for your soul3:08
4. Heaven's bluegrass band2:39
3. Father's table grace3:19
2. Get in line brother2:17
1. I'm gonna sit down beside my Jesus2:59