The best of banjo music

Various artists

Label:Universal 584 974
Release Date:2002
Country:United States

Song Information:

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10. Dueling banjosSmokey River Boys
9. Waiting for a trainGrandpa Jones
8. Buck's Hee Haw talking bluesBuck Trent
7. Ruby (are you mad at your man)Osborne Brothers
6. Trent's tornadoBuck Trent
5. Roll in my sweet baby's armsLester Flatt, Earl Scruggs & the Foggy Mountain Boys 2:37
Recording Date:1950-10-20
Composer:Charlie Monroe
Place:WDAE Radio Station, Tampa, FL
Instruments:Lester Flatt-g; Earl Scruggs-bj; Curly Seckler-m; Jody Rainwater-m/bs; Benny Sims-f/bs;
Vocals:L. Flatt-LV/TC; C. Seckler-LC/TV; E. Scruggs-B; B. Sims-BS
4. Banjo BuckBuck Trent
3. Struttin' with some barbecueBilly's Banjo Band
2. Pickin' timeGrandpa Jones
1. Foggy Mountain breakdownLester Flatt, Earl Scruggs & the Foggy Mountain Boys 2:39
Recording Date:1949-12-11
Composer:Earl Scruggs; Peer, BMI
Place:Cincinnati, OH
Instruments:Lester Flatt-g; Earl Scruggs-bj; Curley Seckler-m; Benny Sims-f; Howard Watts-bs