We're still here

Si Kahn

Label:Strictly Country SCR 57
Release Date:1994-06-06
   Amazon ASIN: B013GW63RM

Song Information:

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1. Gone gonna rise again2:59
2. Aragon Mill3:50
3. Mississippi summer2:23
4. Farewell to Ireland3:25
5. Gentle with me darling2:09
6. What you do with what you've got2:17
7. Last good war2:02
8. The senator2:20
9. Brookside strike2:35
10. Luray women4:09
11. Children of Poland2:42
12. What will I leave3:43
13. Cold frosty morning2:34
14. Wild rose of the mountain2:35
15. Rock me roll me2:39
16. Molly in the mill2:46
17. Curtains of old Joe's house2:31
18. People like you2:04
19. Crossing the border4:13
20. Welcome to the world1:19
21. Detroit December2:58
22. If I live2:08
23. Lady of the harbor5:18
24. In my heart3:32