The daughters of American bluegrass

Daughters of Bluegrass

Label:CMH CD 8867
Release Date:2004-09-14
Country:United States
County Sales:#269
   Amazon ASIN: B0002VETRM

Song Information:

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1. Mama can you hear that train a-coming2:46
2. Poor little Sadie3:26
3. Bluer than blue3:05
4. Last hanging of Wise County2:38
5. Jesus hold my hand3:34
6. I've already turned that page3:13
7. Lone tree standing2:49
8. The sweetest gift (a mother's smile)3:08
9. Jordan Run3:32
10. Hold what'cha got4:01
11. Seventeen years2:47
12. I hope you have learned3:00
13. Mule skinner blues3:29