Outlaws, renegades and rogues : songs of the badman : 25 classics

Various artists

Label:Rural Rhythm RHY 298
Release Date:2004-10-26
Country:United States
   Amazon ASIN: B00064VQCG

Song Information:

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1. Wild Bill JonesHylo Brown & his Timberliners
2. Jesse JamesJim Greer & the Mac-O-Chee Valley Boys
3. Darling CoreyEarl Taylor & the Stoney Mountain Boys
4. Legend of Billy the KidJ. E. Mainer & His Mountaineers
5. Chain gang bluesHylo Brown
6. Rovin' gamblerMac Wiseman
7. Sam HallNevada Slim
8. Poor Ellen SmithDon Reno, Bill Harrell & the Tennessee Cut-Ups
9. Frankie and JohnnieHylo Brown & his Timberliners
10. Black Jack DaveyJim Greer & the Mac-O-Chee Valley Boys
11. Philadelphia lawyerRed Smiley & the Blue Grass Cutups
12. Pistol packin' mamaBobby Smith & the Boys from Shiloh
13. Rising sunHylo Brown
14. The legend of Judge Roy BeanNevada Slim
15. John HardyJim Greer & the Mac-O-Chee Valley Boys
16. Prisoner's dreamRed Smiley & the Blue Grass Cutups
17. Escape of Jennie WileyHylo Brown
18. Columbus Stockade bluesThe Wear Family
19. On the banks of the OhioRed White & the Dixie Blue Grass Band
20. Jack of diamondsNevada Slim
21. Sam WilsonHylo Brown
22. Knoxville girlLog Cabin Boys
23. Worried woman bluesEdith Roberts
24. Tupelo County jailRed Smiley & the Blue Grass Cutups
25. Girl in the blue velvet bandHylo Brown