Jim & Jesse Show live in Japan

Jim & Jesse and the Virginia Boys

Label:Old Dominion OD 498-07
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1A-1. Ashes of love
1A-2. Blue Ridge Mountain blues
1A-3. Heartbreak Mountain
1A-4. When I stop dreaming
1A-5. Ole Slew-foot
1B-1. El cumbanchero
1B-2. Better times a-coming
1B-3. Lee Highway blues
1B-4. Knoxville girl
1B-5. She left me standing on the mountain
Recording Date:1975-05-02
Place:Sugino Hall, Tokyo, Japan
Instruments:Jim McReynolds-g; Jesse McReynolds-m; Garland Shuping-bj; Joe Meadows-f; Keith McReynolds-bs; Hayward Bishop-drums
2A-1. Childlish love
2A-2. Gosh, I miss you all the time
2A-3. Border ride
2A-4. Cotton mill man
2A-5. I wonder where you are tonight
2B-1. Westphalia waltz
2B-2. Dixie hoedown
2B-3. I don't believe you've met my baby
2B-4. Paradise
2B-5. I wish I knew