Songs that made the juke box play

Mac Wiseman

Label:CMH CMH 9021
Release Date:1980
Country:United States ID: 5052713

Song Information:

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A-1. Bubbles in my beer2:32
Composer:B. Wills, T. Duncan, C. Walker
A-2. Slipping around3:22
Composer:F. Tillman
A-3. I wish I had never seen sunshine2:53
Composer:J. Roberts, J. Davis
A-4. Home in San Antone2:02
Composer:F. Rose
A-5. My Mary3:07
Composer:S. Hamblen
A-6. No letter today2:58
Composer:T. Daffan
B-1. Yesterday's girl3:20
Composer:H. Thompson
B-2. Love letters in the sand2:52
Composer:J.F. Coots, N. Kenny, C. Kenny
B-3. I love you because3:44
Composer:L. Payne
B-4. Time changes everything2:51
Composer:T. Duncan
B-5. Worried mind3:10
Composer:T. Daffan, J. Davis
C-1. Drivin' nails in my coffin2:31
Composer:J. Irby
C-2. Waltz across Texas2:26
Composer:T. Tubb
C-3. It makes no difference now2:45
Composer:F. Tillman, J. Davis
C-4. Divorce me C.O.D.2:25
Composer:M. Travis, C. Stone
C-5. Born to lose3:27
Composer:T. Daffan
C-6. I wonder how the old folks are at home2:25
Composer:M. Christian
D-1. The Wild side of life3:05
Composer:W. Warren, A.A. Carter
D-2. Oklahoma hills3:10
Composer:W. Guthrie, J. Guthrie
D-3. Remember me, I'm the one who loves you3:10
Composer:S. Hamblen
D-4. Live and let live3:22
Composer:W. Walker, G. Sullivan
D-5. One has my name, the other has my heart3:50
Composer:H. Blair, E. Dean, D. Dean