California Rose

Rose Maddox

Label:See for Miles SEE 251
Release Date:1989
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Alone with you
A-2. Let those brown eyes smile at me
A-3. If you see my baby
A-4. Long black limousine
A-5. From a beggar to a queen
A-6. Stop the world (and let me off)
A-7. Curly Joe
A-8. When the sun goes down
A-9. My life has been a pleasure
A-10. Johnny's last kiss
B-1. White lightnin'
B-2. Long journey home
B-3. Stand up fool
B-4. Down to the river
B-5. I want to live again
B-6. Silver threads and golden needles
B-7. Bluebird let me tag along
B-8. Lonely street
B-9. Gambler's love