The old crooked trail

Bluegrass Brothers

Label:Hay Holler HHH-CD 1370
Release Date:2004-11
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2005-07
County Sales:#271

Song Information:

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1. The old crooked trail3:24
2. You should be ashamed3:46
3. Nobody's love is like mine2:20
4. Lonesome old prisoner3:04
5. Five mile mountain road2:52
6. Forever now she's gone3:56
7. Lovin' you has not been easy3:06
8. A stranger in my own home town3:16
9. Home is where the heart is2:01
10. Save my love for you2:57
11. I called her sunshine3:10
12. Legend of the highway2:01
13. Wait a minute4:21
14. Wild Bill Jones3:13