Warmer kind of blue

Kathy Kallick Band

Label:Copper Creek CCCD 0237
Release Date:2005-01-18
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2005-08

Song Information:

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15. In the middle of my town4:07
14. God gave Noah the rainbow sign2:48
13. Still3:02
12. Honky tonk blues3:09
11. A dirty riff2:49
10. Just one time3:01
9. That's how I can count on you2:16
8. Burn down the house2:34
7. This last request3:31
6. Metropolis blues2:14
5. Late last night2:50
4. A warmer kind of blue3:21
3. Hey, hey, hey2:39
2. The messenger3:26
1. Friend of mine2:39