Shenandoah breakdown / Mary at the home place

Bill Monroe & his Blue Grass Boys

Label:Decca 31658
Release Date:1964-08-31
Country:United States ID: 31658us

Song Information:

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A. Shenandoah breakdown2:19
Recording Date:1963-03-27
Composer:Bill Monroe
Place:Columbia Recording Studio, Nashville, TN
Master:12451 / 113314
Instruments:Bill Monroe-m; Claude J. 'Jackie' Phelps-g; William Bradford 'Bill/Brad' Keith-bj; Kenny Baker-f; Bessie Lee Mauldin-sb
B. Mary at the home place2:22
Recording Date:1964-01-27
Composer:Ken Clark
Place:Columbia Recording Studio, Nashville, TN
Master:12799 / 114411
Instruments:Bill Monroe-m; Joe Stuart-g; Joe Drumright-bj; Horace 'Benny' Williams-f; Bessie Lee Mauldin-sb
Vocals:B. Monroe-L