Wicked path of sin / Two little orphans

Wilma Lee & Stoney Cooper

Label:Rich-R-Tone 417
Release Date:1947
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A. Wicked path of sin2:29
Recording Date:1947
Composer:Bill Monroe
Place:WWNC Radio, Asheville, NC
Instruments:Wilma Lee Cooper-rhythm g; Bill Carver-m; Albert Ray 'Ab' Cole-sb
Vocals:S. Cooper-L; W. L. Cooper-H; Abe Cole-H
B. Two little orphans2:24
Recording Date:1947
Place:WWNC Radio, Asheville, NC
Instruments:Wilma Lee Cooper-rhythm g; Stoney Cooper-f; Bill Carver-electric g; Scotty McGinnis-accordion; Albert Ray 'Ab' Cole-sb
Vocals:W. L. Cooper-L