Don't come running back / Cold and windy night

Buzz Busby

Label:Starday 45 483
Release Date:1960-03
Country:United States ID: 45483us

Song Information:

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A. Don't come running back
Recording Date:1959
Place:Ben Adelman Studio, Washington, DC
Instruments:Buzz Busby-m; Bill Emerson-bj; Scott Stoneman-f; Jack Stoneman-sb
Vocals:Pete Pike-L; B. Busby-T
B. Cold and windy night
Recording Date:1959
Place:Ben Adelman's Studio, Takoma Park, MD
Instruments:Buzz Busby-m; Bill Harrell-g; Bill Emerson-bj; Scott Stoneman-f; Roy Self-sb
Vocals:B. Harrell-L; B. Busby-T; R. Self-B