The world of bluegrass

Bluegrass Playboys

Label:Briar LP-PC 108
Release Date:1963
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Pig in the pen2:00
Composer:Paul Mullins
A-2. No hearted lover2:08
Composer:Paul Mullins
A-3. Ramblin' boy2:56
Composer:Walter Adams
A-4. John Henry's blues2:10
A-5. Come on down the mountain Katie Daly2:13
Composer:Eamonn O'shea
A-6. My pretty Polly2:50
Composer:Elmer Burchett
A-7. Midnight on the mountain2:05
Composer:Elmer Burchett
B-1. Going around this world2:17
Composer:W. Adams, T. Endicott
B-2. Why must we wait to be wed2:22
Composer:Cecil Null, Steve Nichols
B-3. I never dreamed2:27
Composer:T. Endicott, W. Adams
B-4. This heart of mine2:15
Composer:Thurman Endicott
B-5. Naggin' wife blues2:02
Composer:Walter Adams
B-6. You're just anybody's girl2:13
Composer:W. Adams, P. Mullins, E. Burchett
B-7. Apple blossom1:50
Composer:Paul Mullins