Truck driver's queen / Homesick and lonesome

Jimmy Martin & the Sunny Mountain Boys

Label:Decca 33021
Release Date:1972-10
Country:United States ID: 33021us

Song Information:

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A. Truck driver's queen2:12
Recording Date:1964-02-12
Composer:Charlie Moore-Bill Napier; Fort Knox Music, BMI
Place:Columbia Recording Studio, Nashville, TN
Master:12839 / 114533
Instruments:Jimmy Martin-g; Mike Miller-bj; Vernon Derrick-m; Junior Huskey-bs; Buddy Harmon-drums
Vocals:J. Martin-L
B. Homesick and lonesome3:00
Recording Date:1970-03-03
Composer:Hank Williams-Hank Williams, Jr.; Fred Rose Music, BMI
Place:Bradley's Barn, Mt. Juliet, TN
Master:15919 / 122526
Instruments:Jimmy Martin-g; Alan Munde-bj; Doyle Lawson-m; Vernon Derrick-f; Joe Edwards-db; Joe Zinkan-bs; Ernest Glen Davis-drums
Vocals:J. Martin-L; D. Lawson-T; V. Derrick-B; Gloria Flickinger-HB