Gospel songs by all-star artists. [Vol. 2]

Various artists

Label:Starday SEP 114
Release Date:1959
Country:United States
   45cat.com ID: sep114

Song Information:

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A-1. Boat of lifeGeorge Jones
A-2. When they crucified my LordCharlie Moore
A-3. The old country baptizingCarl Story 1:50
Recording Date:1958-10-08
Place:Radio Station WFLW, Monticello, KY
Instruments:Carl Story-g; Franklin 'Bud' Brewster-bj; Willie G. Brewster-m; Benny Sims?-f
Vocals:C. Story-L; F. Brewster-T; W. Brewster-B
B-1. He knew just what to doThe Lewis Family
B-2. Wait a little longer please JesusThe Lewis Family
B-3. Born of the spiritThe Lewis Family