Rank stranger

Jim & Jesse and the Virginia Boys

Label:Starday SEP 186
Country:United States
   45cat.com ID: sep186

Song Information:

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A-1. Rank strangerStanley Brothers 2:53
Recording Date:1960-05
Composer:York; Starday, BMI
Place:Magnum Studio, Jacksonville, FL
Instruments:Carter Stanley-g; Ralph Stanley-bj; Richard Edward "Curley" Lambert-m; Ralph Mayo-g; Audie Webster-bs
Vocals:Carter Stanley-L; Ralph Stanley-T; Curley Lambert-B
A-2. No hiding place down hereBill Clifton & the Dixie Mountain Boys 2:02
A-3. This trainLew Childre 1:40
B-1. He showed me the wayLonesome Pine Fiddlers
B-2. They can't love Jesus more than me
Recording Date:1959-10-14
Place:Jacksonville, FL
Instruments:Jim McReynolds-g; Jesse McReynolds-m; Bobby Thompson-bj; Vassar Clements-f; Don McHan-bs
B-3. Don't bob your hair girlsStringbean