He played it with glorified hands

Wayne Raney & the Raney Family

Label:Starday SEP 185
Country:United States
   45cat.com ID: sep185us

Song Information:

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A-1. He played it with glorified hands2:25
Composer:Driftwood; Starday, BMI/Battle, BMI
A-1. Take up thy cross2:10
Composer:York; Starday, BMI
A-2. The picture at St. Helene2:25
Composer:Driftwood; Starday, BMI/Warden, BMI
A-2. Will the circle be unbroken2:10
Composer:York; Starday, BMI
A-3. I'll have a new life1:27
Composer:York; Starday, BMI
A-3. Shackledie ole ladder1:40
Composer:Clark; Starday, BMI