Avery County

Charlie Moore & his Dixie Partners

Label:Old Homestead OHCD 90102
Release Date:2004
Country:United States
County Sales:#270

Song Information:

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1. Avery County2:10
Composer:Charles B. Moore
2. Streets of Baltimore2:37
Composer:Tompall Glaserr
3. Rocks in the mountain2:42
Composer:Charles B. Moore, UKMM
4. Blue eyes crying in the rain2:50
Composer:Willie Nelson
5. Maple sugar2:47
6. Matthew 243:05
7. High society2:29
Composer:Charles B. Moore, Bill Edward Napier
8. Before the weekend's over2:54
Composer:Charles B. Miller
9. Lily Marlene2:14
10. Mansion on the hill2:35
Composer:Hank Williams & Fred Norse
11. Just when I needed you2:16
Composer:Johnnie Wright, Jack Anglin, & Clyde Baum
12. Moonlight on my cabine3:39
Composer:Curley Seckler