15 of my gospel favorites

Mac Wiseman

Label:Wise CD 111
Release Date:2005
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Mother's mansion is higher than mine
2. Keep on the sunny side
3. Beautiful isle of somewhere
4. Great speckled bird
5. Let the lower lights be burning
6. Each ring of the hammer
7. By the side of the road
8. Tramp on the street
9. Whispering hope
10. Great judgment morning3:34
Recording Date:2001
Place:Nashville, TN
Instruments:Mac Wiseman-rhythm g; Charlie Collins-g; Jesse McReynolds-m; Eddie Stubbs-f; Brother Oswald Kirby-db; Kent Blanton-bs
Vocals:M. Wiseman-V
11. Where is my boy tonight
12. Picture from life's other side
13. Tell mother I'll be there
14. When God dips his love2:26
Recording Date:1959-01-22
Place:Bradley Film & Recording Studio, Nashville, TN
Instruments:Mac Wiseman-g; Joseph S. 'Joe' Zinkan-sb
Vocals:M. Wiseman-L
15. Precious memories