Bluegrass hymns : 25 gospel classics

Various artists

Label:Rural Rhythm RHY 303
Release Date:2005-04-26
Country:United States
   Amazon ASIN: B0008G2IEC

Song Information:

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1. Who will sing for meThe Marksmen
2. I'm going to make Heaven my homeLillimae & the Dixie Gospelaires
3. Take my hand precious LordHylo Brown
4. I'll be a friendMac Martin & the Dixie Travelers
5. Where you gonna hideEarl Taylor & the Stoney Mountain Boys
6. In the gardenThe Marksmen
7. I am a pilgrimHylo Brown
8. I'll meet you in church on Sunday morningJ. D. Jarvis
9. The man of GalileeRed Smiley & the Blue Grass Cutups
10. If you see my SaviorMac Martin & the Dixie Travelers
11. Precious memoriesThe Marksmen
12. Picture on the wallHylo Brown
13. Jesus loves meJim Eanes
14. I like to hear them preach itLillimae & the Dixie Gospelaires
15. O come, angel bandBlue Ridge Mountaineers
16. Working on a buildingRed Smiley & the Blue Grass Cutups
17. Lonely tombsHylo Brown
18. Prayer bells of HeavenJ. D. Jarvis
19. Rank strangersRed White & the Dixie Blue Grass Band
20. His light is shining down on meLillimae & the Dixie Gospelaires
21. Sweeter than the flowersHylo Brown
22. I'm using my Bible for a road mapRusty York
23. Garden in the skyRed Smiley & the Blue Grass Cutups
24. Somebody touched meJ. D. Jarvis
25. Just a closer walk with theeHylo Brown