Where the mountain laurel blooms

Country Ham

Label:Vetco LP 515
Release Date:1979
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1979-11

Song Information:

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A-1. Where the mountain laurel blooms2:25
Composer:Judie Cox Pagter
A-2. Love somebody1:52
A-3. When the wagon was new2:47
Composer:Sam McGee
A-4. Is it time2:15
Composer:Bennie & Vallie Cain
A-5. Talk it all over2:23
Composer:T.C. Neal
A-6. Santa Claus2:18
A-7. Hang on the bell3:19
Composer:Tommie Connor-Clive Erard-Ross Parker
A-8. Cricket on the hearth1:48
B-1. Your love is like a flower2:41
B-2. Autoharp medley (Long, long ago / Spinning wheel /3:46
B-3. Blackberry blossom2:20
B-4. Rattler's pup3:11
Composer:Grandpa Jones
B-5. Old Union church2:32
Composer:Carl Pagter-Judie Cox Pagter
B-6. I heard the bluebirds sing3:07
Composer:Hod Pharis
B-7. Mississippi sawyer2:09