Stolen moments

Alison Brown

Label:Compass 7-4400-2
Release Date:2005-05-10
Country:United States
Barcode:766397440026 ID: 7872186
   Amazon ASIN: B00096S2GY
   Google Play: B4izs2rczz6dobwdabv7stdx4oa

Song Information:

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1. The sound of Summer running4:21
Composer:Alison Brown
2. The Magnificent Seven3:54
Composer:Alison Brown-John Doyle
3. Homeward bound4:05
Composer:Paul Simon
4. The pirate queen4:29
Composer:Alison Brown
5. Carrowkeel3:59
Composer:Alison Brown
6. Angel4:35
Composer:Jimi Hendrix
7. McIntyre heads south4:00
Composer:Alison Brown-Garry West
8. One morning in May4:34
Composer:Alison Brown-Bill Keith
9. I'm naked and I'm going to Glasgow6:48
Composer:Alison Brown
10. Prayer wheel4:40
Composer:Boo Hewerdine
11. Musette for a palindrome5:12
Composer:Alison Brown