Classic Southern gospel

Various artists

Label:Smithsonian Folkways SFW CD 40137
Release Date:2005
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2005-07
   Amazon ASIN: B00092322M

Song Information:

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1. I'm working on a buildingBill Monroe & his Blue Grass Boys 1:59
Recording Date:1956-05-13
Composer:A. P. Carter
Place:New River Ranch, Rising Sun, MD
Instruments:Bill Monroe-m; Yates Green-g; Rudy Lyle-bj; Bobby Hicks-f; Joe Stuart-f; Chick Stripling or Bessie Lee Mauldin-sb
Vocals:Bill Monroe-LV/TC; Yates Green?-LC; Joe Stuart?-B; unknown-BS
4. Are you washed in the bloodRed Allen 2:43
5. What are they doing in Heaven today?Harry & Jeanie West 2:16
6. The lost soulThe Watson Family 2:57
8. Walking in Jerusalem just like JohnCountry Gentlemen 2:15
9. Sinner, you'd better get readyLilly Brothers 2:57
10. When He reached down His hand for meBill Monroe & his Blue Grass Boys 2:45
Recording Date:1965-09-05
Place:Fincastle, VA
Instruments:Bill Monroe-m; Malcolm 'Mac' Wiseman-g
Vocals:Malcolm 'Mac' Wiseman-L; Bill Monroe-T; Don Reno-B; Benny Martin-BS
11. Away over in the promised landA. L. Phipps Family 2:15
13. Old country churchTom Morgan 2:49
15. Amazing graceDoc Watson, Clint Howard & Fred Price 3:54
17. Shake hands with mother againAllen Brothers 2:54
18. Gabriel's callHazel & Alice 2:13
19. What would you give in exchange for your soul?Bill Monroe & Doc Watson 4:26
21. I am a pilgrimCountry Gentlemen 2:55