Somebody like you

Monroe Crossing

Label:No label MC 0605
Release Date:2005-06
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2005-11 ID: 9451832
   Amazon ASIN: B000B9VACC

Song Information:

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1. At last4:47
2. When the cold winds blow2:47
3. The call and the answer3:50
4. Maiden's prayer2:59
5. My girl2:52
6. My little Georgia rose3:19
7. Rose of my heart3:24
8. Oh lonesome me3:23
9. Electric blanket2:56
10. Sonny's dream3:32
11. Rocky road blues4:02
12. Just wondering why3:53
13. Never on a Sunday3:56
14. Somebody like you3:21