Friday night in America

New Grass Revival

Label:Capitol C 1-90739
Release Date:1989
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Friday night in America3:52
Composer:P. Flynn-R. Smith
A-2. You plant your fields3:30
Composer:W. Waldman-D. Lowery
A-3. Let's make a baby king3:28
Composer:Jesse Winchester
A-4. Do what you gotta do3:29
Composer:Pat Flynn
A-5. Let me be your man3:05
Composer:Kim Ritchey
A-6. Lila3:37
Composer:Pat Flynn
B-1. Callin' Baton Rouge2:38
Composer:Dennis Lynde
B-2. Whatever way the wind blows2:52
Composer:Marshall Crenshaw
B-3. Big foot7:31
Composer:Bela Fleck
B-4. Angel eyes4:29
Composer:John Hiatt
B-5. I'm down2:25
Composer:J. Lennon-P. McCartney