Live at Kansas State

The Earl Scruggs Revue

Label:Columbia KC 31758
Release Date:1972
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. T for Texas4:03
Composer:G. Thorn, J. Rodgers
A-2. Bound in jail all night long (Paul & Silas)2:27
Composer:G. Scruggs, R. Scruggs
A-3. Rambling 'round your city (ramblin' 'round)3:28
Composer:W. Guthrie, H. Ledbetter, J.A. Lomax
A-4. Sally Gooding2:32
Composer:E. Scruggs
A-5. Most likely you go your way (and I'll go mine)3:40
Composer:B. Dylan
B-1. Carolina boogie2:27
Composer:E. Scruggs
B-2. Everybody wants to go to Heaven4:44
Composer:D. Nix
B-3. You ain't going nowhere3:13
Composer:B. Dylan
B-4. Both sides now2:17
Composer:J. Mitchell
B-5. Good woman's love3:56
Composer:C. Coben
B-6. Bugle call rag2:13
Composer:J. Pettis
B-7. Foggy Mountain breakdown3:27
Composer:E. Scruggs