The best of Carl Story

Carl Story & his Rambling Mountaineers

Label:Starday SLP 956
Release Date:1975
Country:United States ID: 7349811

Song Information:

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A-1. Light at the river2:00
Composer:C. Story-B. Brewster
A-2. The Old country preacher2:08
Composer:C. Story
A-3. Didn't they crucify my Lord1:45
A-4. A Picture from life's other side3:25
Composer:Wm. York
A-5. Tramp on the street3:15
Composer:Wm. York
B-1. Family reunion2:26
B-2. Sweeter than the flowers2:45
B-3. I didn't hear nobody pray2:06
Composer:C. Story
B-4. Listen to your radio1:54
Composer:C. Story
B-5. Rank strangers to me3:06
Composer:Albert E. Brumley