Round trip : live in L.A.

John McEuen & the L.A. String Wizards

Label:Rural Rhythm RHY 1026
Release Date:2005-09-27
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2005-12

Song Information:

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1. Finger buster
2. Clementi
3. L.A. devil's dream
4. Good old boys Texas
5. Merle Travis story
6. Cannonball rag
7. Early arrival
8. From the 60's (Pasadena and the good old days)
9. Mr. Bojangles
10. I am a pilgrim
11. Kiss
12. Night flight
13. Gate change
14. Before you accuse me
15. The sheik of Araby
16. Swing to bop
17. Leaving the club
18. I'll be glad when they run out of gas
19. The goodtime suite
20. The ballad of Floyd Collins