The old oak tree

Rual Yarbrough & the Dixiemen

Label:Old Homestead OHS 90043
Release Date:1975
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1976-03

Song Information:

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A-1. Grandpa John2:57
Composer:J. Landers
A-2. I'm going back to the mountains2:15
Composer:J. Landers
A-3. The Unforgotten one2:30
Composer:J. Landers
A-4. Smith's rag2:32
A-5. I'm wondering if you're wondering too3:15
Composer:J. Landers
A-6. When shall I see Jesus3:07
B-1. The Old oak tree2:37
Composer:J. Landers
B-2. The Sweetest gift a mothers smile2:13
B-3. Gonna lay down my old guitar2:28
B-4. Washington and Lee swing2:07
B-5. Tell me again that you love me2:58
Composer:D. McHan
B-6. Singing, shouting, praises2:27
Composer:J. Landers