Alex Campbell & Olabelle

Alex & Olabelle and the New River Boys

Label:Essgee ELF 1002
Release Date:196-?
Country:United States ID: 6154616

Song Information:

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A-1. It's all right now
A-2. The great judgement day
A-3. Higher in my prayers
A-4. If I could hear my mother pray again
A-5. Where the sould never dies
A-6. Home of the soul
A-7. Traveling the highway home
A-8. Beautiful picture
A-9. Turn your radio on
A-10. Glory bound train
B-1. While eternal ages roll
B-2. I'll fly away
B-3. Mother left me her Bible
B-4. Wait for the light to shine
B-5. I'm living the right life now
B-6. I am a pilgrim
B-7. I'll be coming home someday
B-8. How beautiful Heaven must be
B-9. Hold to God's unchanging hand
B-10. Dust on the Bible
B-11. What would you give