Bluegrass gospel 2005

Jeremy & Glen Garrett

Label:Garrett Grass No #
Release Date:2005-06-01
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2006-03
County Sales:#276
   Amazon ASIN: B00YEA3SGK

Song Information:

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1. Going up2:12
2. After a while2:48
3. This world is rocking2:26
4. If Jesus comes tomorrow4:16
5. One more bridge2:49
6. Satisfied2:52
7. Were you there?4:11
8. Precious Lord take my hand3:05
9. Visions of mother3:13
10. Whosoever will1:45
11. Gonna lay my heavy burdens down4:52
12. I will arise and go to Jesus3:28
13. Were you there5:01
14. I'm working on a building4:49