Bluegrass country

The Goins Brothers

Label:Eagle 131
Release Date:197-?
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. This train is going to Nashville1:48
Composer:Carl Perkins
A-2. Salty dog blues1:45
Composer:Harley Gabbard
A-3. Pistol packin' mama1:47
A-4. Lonesome pine3:15
Composer:Al Dexter
A-5. Windy Mountain2:20
Composer:Ray Cline-M. Paxton
A-6. Gone home1:54
Composer:Ray Cline
B-1. Chief Sitting Bull1:46
Composer:R. Goins-M. Goins
B-2. Fly little bluebird3:39
Composer:M. Paxton-R. & M. Goins
B-3. Wreck of the Old 971:47
B-4. Why do you treat me the way that you do2:29
Composer:Ray Cline
B-5. White lightning3:01
B-6. Daddy sang bass2:05
Composer:Carl Perkins