Stone Mountain wobble

Hotmud Family

Label:Vetco LP 503
Release Date:1974
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Dallas rag #13:10
A-1. Dallas rag #2
A-2. (I wish I'd stayed in the) wagonyard3:00
A-3. Kansas City kitty3:25
A-4. East Tennessee blues2:32
A-5. Lindy, Lindy2:22
A-6. Black bottom strut1:36
A-7. Dill pickles rag1:57
B-1. Stone Mountain wobble3:24
B-2. Georgia camp meeting2:15
B-3. Allen Brothers rag2:15
B-4. Weary blues2:24
B-5. Bully of the town3:07
B-6. Cleopatra had a jazz band1:47