Time-Life's treasury of bluegrass. Vol. 2

Various artists

Label:Time-Life 830378
Release Date:2003
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Hit parade of loveJimmy Martin 2:33
Recording Date:1956-05-09
Composer:Jimmy Martin-Wade Birchfield
Place:Bradley Studio, Nashville, TN
Master:9378 / 89997
Instruments:Jimmy Martin-g; Porky Hutchins-bj; Earl Taylor-m; Tommy Vaden-f; Cedric Rainwater-bs
Vocals:J. Martin-L; E. Taylor-T; Porky Hutchins-B
A-2. Old salty dog bluesLester Flatt, Earl Scruggs & the Foggy Mountain Boys 2:31
Recording Date:1950-10-20
Composer:W. Morris-Z. Morris; BMI
Place:WDAE Radio Station, Tampa, FL
Instruments:Lester Flatt-g; Earl Scruggs-bj; Curly Seckler-m; Benny Sims-f; Jody Rainwater-bs
Vocals:B. Sims-L; C. Seckler-T; E. Scruggs-B
A-3. She's more to be pitiedStanley Brothers 2:10
Recording Date:1958-09-30
Composer:Ruby Rakes; Lois, BMI
Place:King Studio, Cincinnati, OH
Instruments:Carter Stanley-g; Ralph Stanley-bj; Bill Napier-m; Ralph Mayo-f; Al Elliot-bs
Vocals:Carter Stanley-L; Ralph Stanley-T
A-4. A voice from on highBill Monroe & his Blue Grass Boys 2:38
Recording Date:1954-01-14
Composer:Bill Monroe-Bessie Mauldin
Place:possibly Bradley Studio, Nashville, TN
Master:3237 / 85752
Instruments:Bill Monroe-m; James Henry 'Jimmy' Martin-g; Grady Martin-g; Rudy Lyle-bj; Charlie Cline-f; Ernie Newton-sb
Vocals:James Henry 'Jimmy' Martin-L; Bill Monroe-T; Charlie Cline-B
A-5. I wouldn't change you if I couldJim Eanes 2:24
A-6. The fields have turned brownStanley Brothers 2:29
Recording Date:1949-11-20
Composer:C. Stanley; Peer, BMI
Place:Castle Studio, Nashville, TN
Instruments:Carter Stanley-g; Ralph Stanley-bj; Pee Wee Lambert-m; Les Woodie-f; Ernie Newton-bs
Vocals:Carter Stanley-L; Ralph Stanley-T; Pee Wee Lambert-HB
A-7. Rawhide2:37
A-8. Will the circle be unbrokenNitty Gritty Dirt Band 4:53
A-9. Tennessee hound dogOsborne Brothers 2:33
Recording Date:1969-04-24
Composer:Boudleaux & Felice Bryant
Place:Bradley's Barn, Mt. Juliet, TN
Master:15582 / 121566
Instruments:Sonny Osborne-bj; Bob Osborne-m; Dale Sledd-g; Ray Edenton-g; Grady Martin-g; Leon Rhodes-electric g; Hal Rugg-steel g; Ronnie Reno-bs; Willie Ackerman-drums; Pig Robbins-piano
A-10. Little cabin home on the hillRicky Skaggs 3:24
A-11. Widow makerJimmy Martin 3:01
A-12. On my way back to the old homeBluegrass Album Band 2:31
Instruments:J. D. Crowe-bj; Bobby Hicks-f; Doyle Lawson-m; Todd Phillips-sb; Tony Rice-g
Vocals:T. Rice-L; J. D. Crowe-B; D. Lawson-T; B. Hicks-BS
A-13. DooleyThe Dillards 2:05
A-14. Lonesome riverHere Today 4:07
A-15. When God dips His pen of love in my heartThe Cox Family 4:26
B-1. Roll in my sweet baby's armsLester Flatt, Earl Scruggs & the Foggy Mountain Boys 2:37
Recording Date:1950-10-20
Composer:Charlie Monroe
Place:WDAE Radio Station, Tampa, FL
Instruments:Lester Flatt-g; Earl Scruggs-bj; Curly Seckler-m; Jody Rainwater-m/bs; Benny Sims-f/bs;
Vocals:L. Flatt-LV/TC; C. Seckler-LC/TV; E. Scruggs-B; B. Sims-BS
B-2. Are you missing me?2:26
B-3. In the pinesBill Monroe & his Blue Grass Boys 3:12
Recording Date:1952-07-18
Composer:Jimmie Davis-Bill Monroe
Place:Castle Studio, Tulane Hotel, Nashville, TN
Master:2781 / 83130
Instruments:Bill Monroe-m; James Henry 'Jimmy' Martin-g; Sonny Osborne-bj; Charlie Cline-f; Ernie Newton-sb
Vocals:James Henry 'Jimmy' Martin-L; Bill Monroe-T
B-4. Once moreOsborne Brothers & Red Allen 2:44
Recording Date:1957-10-17
Composer:Dusty Owens
Place:RCA Victor Studio, Nashville, TN
Master:57-XY-554-4 / 57-S-5
Instruments:Red Allen-g; Sonny Osborne-bj; Bob Osborne-m; Shot Jackson-db; Ernie Newton-bs; Buddy Harmon-drums
Vocals:B. Osborne-HL; S. Osborne; R. Allen
B-5. Love letters in the sandMac Wiseman 2:46
B-6. Pretty PollyRalph Stanley & the Clinch Mountain Boys 3:36
B-7. Don't let your deal go downLester Flatt, Earl Scruggs & the Foggy Mountain Boys 2:14
B-8. Angel bandStanley Brothers 2:20
Recording Date:1955-12-19
Place:Bradley Studio, Nashville, TN
Instruments:Carter Stanley-g; Ralph Stanley-bj; Richard Edward "Curley" Lambert-m; Arthur Sturgil "Art" Stamper-f; Bill Lowe-bs
Vocals:Carter Stanley-L; Ralph Stanley-T; Curley Lambert-B; Bill Lowe-BS
B-9. Lonesome road bluesBill Monroe & his Blue Grass Boys 2:29
Recording Date:1960-12-01
Composer:Bill Monroe
Place:Bradley Film & Recording Studio, Nashville, TN
Master:11344 / 109923
Instruments:Bill Monroe-m; Carl Butler-g; Curtis McPeake-bj; Dale Potter-f; Bessie Lee Mauldin-sb
Vocals:Bill Monroe-L
B-10. Bringing Mary homeCountry Gentlemen 3:03
B-11. Shady groveThe Stonemans 1:59
B-12. Muddy waterSeldom Scene 3:03
B-13. Duncan & Brady (he's been on the job too long)Johnson Mountain Boys 3:19
B-14. Mama's handLynn Morris Band 4:14
B-15. Get down on your knees and prayDel McCoury Band 3:43