The Grandpa Jones story

Grandpa Jones

Label:CMH CMH 9007
Release Date:1977
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1A-1. Sweet dreams of Kentucky
1A-2. My Carolina sunshine girl
1A-3. Jesse James
1A-4. Raining here this morning
1A-5. Eight more miles to Louisville
1B-1. Tragic romance
1B-2. Kentucky
1B-3. Old Rattler
1B-4. Mountain laurel
1B-5. I'm on my way back home
2A-1. Sweeping through the gates
2A-2. There's a hand that's a-waiting
2A-3. Old camp meeting time
2A-4. Closer to God than ever before
2A-5. I'll meet you in the morning
2B-1. You'll make our shack a mansion
2B-2. Dark as a dungeon
2B-3. I'm on my way somewhere
2B-4. Rosalee
2B-5. Gone home