The legendary J. E. Mainer. Vol. 7, Whittlin' fiddlin' and?

J. E. Mainer

Label:Rural Rhythm RRJEM 225
Release Date:1969
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Cookin' in the kitchen
A-2. Stern old bachelor
A-3. Last night when Willie came home
A-4. Carve that possum children
A-5. Ain't no bugs on me
A-6. Baldheaded end of the broom
A-7. Rabbit in the log
A-8. Everybody works but my father
A-9. Tell 'em lies and feed 'em candy
A-10. Walking in my sleep
A-11. Loving Henry Lee
B-1. Pat the cross eyed butcher
B-2. I've still got "99"
B-3. Good old Bowling Green
B-4. Katie dear
B-5. Old Dan Tucker
B-6. Eatin' up the gravy
B-7. George Collins
B-8. Who broke the lock on the henhouse door
B-9. Did you ever see the devil Uncle Joe?
B-10. The gospel way