The Isaacs

Label:Horizon HR 1064-2
Release Date:2006-01-17
Country:United States
County Sales:#279
   Amazon ASIN: B000DZ94T0

Song Information:

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1. The sunny side of life2:35
2. The least I can do2:32
3. Prophets admiration2:40
4. He understands my tears4:00
5. There through it all3:38
6. He ain't never done me nothin' but good3:23
7. Amazing grace2:51
8. Peace like a river3:41
9. I found it all in the blood2:40
10. From the depths of my heart4:37
11. Thank you3:25
12. I have a father who can3:06
13. Family chain3:25
14. Carry me4:23
15. I'm gonna move2:43
16. The star spangled banner2:20