Rural Rhythm presents Jack Casey

Jack Casey

Label:Rural Rhythm RRJC 206
Release Date:1968-07
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1968-09

Song Information:

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B-11. Danny boy
B-10. Dream of the miner's child
B-9. Walking cane
B-8. May I sleep in your barn
B-7. New River train
B-6. Little white washed chimminy
B-5. Green back dollar
B-4. In the pines
B-3. Sophroni
B-2. Varsity drag
B-1. Six white horses
A-10. Hearts highway
A-9. Jessie James
A-8. Renfro Valley
A-7. Ruby
A-6. Girl in the blue velvet band
A-5. I know what it means to be lonely
A-4. I only want a buddy
A-3. Mountain dew
A-2. Long black veil
A-1. I wonder where you are tonight