Carolina scrapbook. Vol. 2

Krüger Brothers

Label:double time DTM 016
Release Date:2006
Country:United States
County Sales:#283

Song Information:

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C-23. Goodbye lightning
C-22. Chinese showboat
C-21. The beautiful land
C-20. Guitar rag
C-19. Randy Sheppard's intro
C-18. I don't look good naked anymore
C-17. Rolling Mountain blues
C-16. Clint's wood cutting joke
C-15. Whiskey in the jar
C-14. Si's triple talk
C-13. Intro to the Flume
C-12. Cannonball rag
C-11. Minnesota state song
C-10. Dunmore lasses
C-9. Peach picking time in Georgia
C-8. Hey Vaan
C-7. Sweden
C-6. Otto Wood
C-5. Jesse polka
C-4. Freude, schoner gotterfunken
C-3. One little step
C-2. Colorado bound
C-1. Going down
B-16. Somebody robbed the Glendale Train
B-15. Kennesaw line
B-14. Abe's tune
B-13. In the pines
B-12. Four on the floor
B-11. Walt's waltz
B-10. Jazzing
B-9. Don't this road look rough and rocky
B-8. Lonesome moonlight waltz
B-7. Peg and awl
B-6. Clint's cattle story
B-5. Willie Moore
B-4. Nobody's darling
B-3. June apple
B-2. Fred McBride
B-1. Leaving Nancy
A-16. Long black veil
A-15. The general store
A-14. Paper roses
A-13. Summer wages
A-12. Blue Stone Mountain
A-11. Dark road to travel
A-10. I'll see you in my dreams
A-9. Catfish John
A-8. Carolina blue
A-7. Mist on the high meadow
A-6. I picked some wild mountain flowers for Mary
A-5. The flume
A-4. Little Sadie
A-3. Frosty morn
A-3. Cuckoo
A-2. Same old man
A-1. Honey babe blues